When I tell people that I’m doing casino wagering calculations, the first question that usually comes to mind is “Do you mean slots?”

In fact, I have never slotted his machine calculations. I’ve heard people say that Slot Math is a proven product, even though I think there’s an easier side to Slot Math than you might think. In other words, nothing stops slot companies  from adopting slots based on tried and true themes and only changing the themes where almost all the math remains the same.Slot Mathematicians also have  significant advantages over table games. All frequencies can be done. If you want a certain combination to happen 1.2345787674% of the time,  just do it. In table games,  mostly card games, you get caught up in everything that happens. This means that these probabilities are known and finite. The model is very complex, but we can estimate it in a few hundred percent. This is a pretty good result. I can’t imagine what it would be like to think about the possibility of a  sporting event, although that sounds like a pretty fun proposition (not a toy). The number of variables involved in the calculations is overwhelming. And since many of these variables are based on statistics, they require many assumptions. In baseball, you have to consider the past performance of a particular shot against a particular pitcher. You have to consider whether the player is cold or hot. Basically, I think the math of sports betting is the math of table games halo69!

This whole topic bothers me because of today’s Facebook conversation. A friend who is an avid Yankees fan commented on the possibility of making the playoffs this year. He didn’t expect that, given where they’ve been and how they’ve been playing lately. Another friend agreed. But a third friend is optimistic about how the Yankees will turn the tide, win long, and be dealt another wild AL card. I’m a Mets fan, so I know I’m being overly optimistic.

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