Coach Willis is so hard on his players that I don’t understand why they don’t drop out or give up. It was brutally watching. I even saw him try to run his players around the ground when they were running near the bench. Several stories about Bobby Knight are similar. Distribute strong love and demand perfection. Coach Willis leads the team to the NAIA World Basketball Championship.

The same discipline and pursuit of excellence make great poker players. If they want to be the best, they need the same features. If coach Willis or Knight coaches you, I promise you’ll be a great player. Maybe poker players need a coach.

I sat down with the students to show them how to play perfect poker and the results were amazing. Teaching poker with strong love can make you a winner. I remember my son Jaden playing his first home game. The hand comes where you have an ace, but if you lose, you drop out of the game, so you fold and your opponent wins the bluff.

The table joked with him, earning him the nickname “aces.” In fact, I never told him he had taken the right step. He based his decision on the simple fact that he could not lose. I trained him before he started playing, with whom to play and when to drop, but I forgot to tell him the most important lesson: always play to win bonus138

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