Here’s some astonishing info: Some Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers have developed a computer program that can beat pro players playing no-limit Texas Hold’em. However complex the game is and with so many important decisions being made, AI shows that computers can beat the best human players.

The January 24 issue of “MIT Technology Explanation” provides an interesting discussion of this fascinating feat. It is not easy to achieve; need some of the world’s brightest AI researchers. I am proud to say that I graduated from there in 1952. Please allow me to share the information in this special report.

Will Knight, senior editor of MIT Technology Explanation for AI, explains, “playing poker involves having problems with imperfect information, which makes the game extremely complex, and more like many real-world situations.”

At Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, a computer program called Libratus is in the process of showing that computers can beat any human poker player – and the best of us.

As I write this, Libratus is playing several thousand games of heads-up, no-limit Texas hold’em against a number of expert professional poker players. Slightly more than 1/2 way through the 20-day match, Libratus is ahead by nearly $800,000 – the lead lead. (Ed. Note: The final champion is Libratus with a $1.7 million lead.)

According to Knight, “a win for Libratus could be a huge achievement in artificial intelligence.”

“Poker requires knowledge and demonstrable evidence that is difficult for machines to imitate,” he said. “This is fundamentally different from chess, chess, or Go, because the opponent’s hand is still tucked away from view while playing.

“In a game of ‘imperfect information,’ it’s really hard to spot a good strategy given every approach your opponent is likely to make. And no-limit Texas hold’em is really challenging because opponents can basically bet any amount. ”

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