Last July, the Chamber of Deputies included sports betting in the Economic Development Law, but the Senate did not include it in the Labor Code, arguing that it was an issue that should be treated separately.

However, physical operators are telling lawmakers not to wait too long, as neighboring states such as Rhode Island and New Hampshire have introduced regulated sports betting markets and valuable tax revenue is leaving the state.

The same casino has been trying to beef up sports betting in legislator for a while, as a similar conversation took place in 2019 when three casinos had leaders calling on legislators to pass specific sports betting laws. halo69

Management further argued that lawmakers should grant extended licenses to three gaming companies, including MGM Resorts, thanks to Springfield’s ownership of sports betting opportunities.

They also say that all licensees should be able to work with online bookmakers, but do not believe that those who do business only online should get a gaming license. They thought that if the books are licensed and marketed without association, there is a risk. .to build a respectable brick and mortar industry will be overturned.

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